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Board Members

Melineh Zohrabian, President

Melineh joined the GCPEA Board as an Event Planner Co-Chair in the 2018-19 academic year and is currently serving as President.

She joined the program when her daughter, Emily, was just 6-months-old and has been in the program for over four years. Melineh first volunteered as a class representative before joining the board as an Event Planner Co-Chair in 2018. 


Melineh has an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Iran where she held her last position as a university lecturer. She received her Human Resources Management certificate from UCLA and worked at CPE HR as a payroll specialist.

Melineh enjoys the academic environment and feels most confident and satisfied in educational arenas. She started her company "Teaching Communication through Science” with the vision of teaching and involving kids into hands-on science activities and language development at the same time. She has multiple classes at private and public after schools as well as summer camps and lectures, and free events.

Finding the Glendale Community College Parent Education program so powerful and helpful; Melineh has continued attending and participating in the program with her son, Arvin. She believes the best part of the program is how one grows with their child while having the benefits of professional teachers by their side.


Melineh lives in Glendale with her husband, Armen and their children- Emily and Arvin. They place great value on volunteering in the community.


April Oseguera , Vice President; Historian

April joined the GCPEA Board as Historian in the 2018-19 academic year and is currently serving a dual-role as Vice President and Historian.

In looking for educational opportunities for her son in the Glendale community, she was happy to find the Glendale Community College Parent Education Program.  As a first-time mom her goal has been to immerse her child in an educational program that encourages social development through play.  April’s hope is by taking part in a parent education program- where parents and children learn and develop side-by-side, that her son will be an empathetic creative thinker who has a positive, explorative outlook on education lasting a lifetime. 


April believes the GCC Parent Education Program has played an influential role in broadening his socialization opportunities and often reflects on how fortunate their family is to take part and volunteer in such an invaluable program. 


Joining the Glendale College Parent Education Association (GCPEA) felt like the best way to keep her fingers on the pulse of a program their family is benefiting from, and to help shape its future for the many families yet to come.

vicepresident@gcpea.org, historian@gcpea.org

Michelle Fenske, Treasurer

Michelle joined the GCPEA Board as Secretary in the 2018-19 academic year and is now serving as Treasurer.


She first heard about the Parent Education program from a friend shortly after moving to California in 2017. She has been impressed with the high-quality and tuition-free classes this program offers each term. Michelle states both she and her children have learned a lot from this program!


Michelle is an Oregon native who has also lived in Washington State, Washington DC, and Tennessee. She holds a BA from Seattle Pacific University in Communication and a MA from American University in International Communication. Before having children, Michelle was a program manager working in international youth exchange.


She and her husband live in Pasadena with their identical twin boys.


Sarah Kang, Events Co-Chair

Sarah joined the GCPEA Board as Events Co-Chair in the 2018-19 academic year and currently holds the position.

Sarah joined the Glendale College Parent Education program in January of 2017. She is so grateful for and continually amazed by this resource in the community to help her learn about parenting, child development, and the family dynamic from knowledgeable educators. She is also thankful for the new friends they have met in the community, and enjoys planning events where people can get to know each other better, learn, and have fun as a family.

Sarah enjoys being a stay at home mom, Licensed therapist, and online math instructor for children. She currently resides in Glendale with her family.


Melody Khachikian, Events Co-Chair

Melody has joined the GCPEA Board as Events Co-Chair in the 2019-20 academic year.

She heard about the Glendale College Parent Education Program through a friend and joined in the Fall of 2018 with her then 3-year-old son, Liam.

From the start, Melody felt welcomed into a community of parents sharing many of the same questions she had while raising their children. The excellent knowledge of the teachers along with the friendly community of parents, made her feel supported and reassured that she had found an incredible educational resource for both herself and her son.

After volunteering as a Class Representative for three separate classes during the 2018-19 academic year; Melody eagerly joined the GCPEA as Events Co-Chair to give back to a program she loves and enjoys.


Melody’s employment history has been in the banking business for nearly 30 years. She currently is a full-time Mom to Liam- aka “the Joy of her life.”  She loves to cook and entertain friends and family. She has been married for 11 years, has 2 dogs and enjoys finding fun things for her son to do around the city.


Melody is a proud Glendale Community College alumnus. What a great surprise it was for her to return to GCC- this time for Parent Education classes.


Edgar A. Dominguez, Fundraising

Edgar has joined the GCPEA Board as Head of Fundraising in the 2019-20 academic year.  He severed as both Events and Fundraising Co-Chair on the 2016-17 and 2017-18 GCPEA boards.

Edgar and his family joined the Glendale College Parent Education Program in Mid-Spring of 2016. After enrolling with his then one-year-old daughter, Edgar was very impressed with the program, its teachers, their curriculum and the growth experienced by his family as a whole. Edgar wanting to give back and become more involved, joined the GCPEA board. As Events Co-Chair, Edgar enjoyed coordinating the 2016 and 2017 Fall Festivals as well as fundraising for both the 2016 and 2017 annual luncheons. Edgar quickly realized the importance these luncheons played in raising money necessary to fund the annual operating costs of this Parent Education program.


Edgar resides in Glendale, with his wife and 2 children – a daughter who will soon be 5-years-old and a one-year-old son.


Lineli Hairapetian, Purchaser

Lineli has joined the GCPEA Board as Purchaser in the 2019-20 academic year.


She joined the Parent Education program in 2017 as first-time mom and loved the program from day one. Lineli states, “the program is an amazing learning, playing and socializing opportunity for both kids and parents alike.”  She absolutely enjoys and benefits from the informative and helpful discussions with experienced teachers and parents. After learning more about the program and personally experiencing its impact, Lineli decided to join the GCPEA board.  She values and appreciate all the work and effort that goes into this program and plans to attended class currently with her son and in the future with her daughter.  Lineli would like to volunteer as much as her schedule allows, and to help other families benefit from this great opportunity.


Lineli attended Glendale Community College between 2010-13, and during that time tutored in math at Math Discovery Center.  She transferred to Cal State LA and earned a BS in Computer Science in 2016.  For the past five years, Lineli has worked as a contractor with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as web-based application developer.


Arineh Ebrahimi, PEPOR Editor

Arineh joined the GCPEA Board as PEPOR Editor in the 2018-19 academic year and currently holds the position.


She joined the Glendale College Parent Education Program in 2017 as a first-time mom with her then one-month-old daughter.   Prior to having their daughter, Arineh and her husband Arabo, did extensive research on various mental health resource websites about healthy parenting practices.  It was in this research effort that they found the GCPEA program. 

Arineh believes in today’s world, parenting is more than pulling from one’s parents life experiences.  She believes to raise a healthy and happy child; one must also learn from peers and teachers specialized in early childhood development and it is here at Glendale College Parent Education program that she has found that community.  Arineh hopes by taking part in this community dynamic, her child will be a physically, mentally, and socially strong member of our community as well as those communities in her future endeavors.  She is grateful for the GCPEA program and has seen the benefits this program has had on her daughter’s behavior, socialization capabilities and over-all academic skill.  Arineh never misses the opportunity to encourage all parents with children 0 to five years to attended this Parent Ed program.  Joining the GCPEA board as the PEPOR editor felt like the next step in promoting this program and its far-reaching benefits to the community.


Arineh holds a BA in Business Administration.  She worked for 10 years as the executive assistant to the owner of one of Iran’s largest companies, Hacoupian Clothing Industries.  While working, she volunteered as a teacher in a child development program offered through the Church of Iran studying Human Behavior with a focus on Mental Health. Arineh was also a dedicated singer in their church choir group.  Given her history with mental health, Arineh began working for the Department of Mental Health of LA County when she moved to the Glendale area. 


Professional photography has always been a passion for Arineh- a passion that started when she was a teenager. Amongst her editorial duties on the GCPEA board, she has volunteered to photograph the GCPEA events. 


Matilda Sinani, Communications

Matilda joined the GCPEA Board in charge of Communications in the 2018-19 academic year and currently holds the position.


She lives in Glendale with her husband Narbik and their 3 1/2-year-old daughter.  Matilda and her family joined the Glendale College Parent Education program in Spring of 2018 to spend quality time with their daughter as well as to give her daughter the opportunity to interact with her peers.  It was then that Matilda was introduced to the powerful teachings this program has to offer parents, children and the family as a whole. 


As a first-time mom living in a new Country, Matilda felt the need to find support in raising a healthy, happy, and strong child in a community that she was still learning so much about.  Matilda loved the concept and its environment of educating both parent and child together in one setting.  Matilda cherishes the opportunities this program has given her to practice all its parent education teachings about: self-care, family dynamic, and child development while under the supervision of its child development expert instructors.  Matilda has peace of mind knowing her daughter and her peers within this program- whom she believes will grow to be schoolmates, coworkers, or neighbors- are learning the same qualities.  She believes from this dynamic there is a higher chance that her daughter and her peers will become developmentally, socially, and academically healthier adults.  Matilda felt the need to get involved and joined the GCPEA board helping to usher this movement.  


Arsineh Vartanian, IT Manager

Arsineh joined the GCPEA Board as IT Manager in the 2018-19 academic year and currently holds the position. 


She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has been a software developer for the past 10 years.


Arsineh moved to United States in 2010 with her husband Edgar after living on the East Coast for nearly 5 years.  Together they moved to California to be closer to friends and family and settled in Burbank where they welcomed their now two-year-old daughter, Emily.


Arsineh joined the Glendale College Parent Education Program during the Summer of 2018 as a first-time mom with her then 14-month-old daughter, Emily. 

She recognized the challenges of being a first-time mom and decided to join Glendale College Parent Education program on the recommendation of her cousin and friend. Since joining, Arsineh and Emily are regulars in the classroom and are both benefiting from the great instructors and other parents sharing about the challenges of parenthood.  Arsineh has enjoyed the tuition-free program very much and has chosen to give back by joining the GCPEA board as an IT manager.


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