Volunteer Opportunities

Class Representative

Attend all Association meetings in chosen semester. Present any information, concerns or questions from your class that need to be addressed by the Board. Take back to classroom any needed information, announcements or flyers. (1 Volunteer for the Year)



Class Reporter (PEPOR Reporter)

Will be responsible for compiling a class article/report to be submitted to PEPOR Editor for issues in chosen semester. See “Class Reporter” folder for article suggestions and deadlines. You may include photos from your classroom and any class announcements including new births, birthdays and class updates. (1 Volunteer for the Year)


Class Photographer

Take pictures of your class on a regular basis. Include pictures of daily class activities, creative activities, field trips, etc. Please include pictures of students with the teacher. This is a job that requires little time and effort ‐ just an ability to snap a digital picture and organize them on a CD. Photos will be used for luncheon slide show and for the historical year book. Have fun with it! (2 Volunteers for all year)


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