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The Parent Education Program was started by Mrs.Toll 65 years ago through Glendale Community College with just two classes. By the 1953‐1954 academic year, the number of classes grew to nine and it became evident that better communication between the classes was needed. A student Association was created, better known as Glendale College Parent Education Association.


The Parent Education program now offers over 20 classes at multiple locations throughout Glendale and the surrounding areas and serves over 500 families! Parents and children from birth to five (5) years old are provided the opportunity to socialize with other peers and gain familiarity with a classroom setting all while parenting skills are taught by professional parent educators. This all takes place in an environment geared for learning and development by both the parent and the child through observation, participation in classroom activities and class discussion. Topics of discussion vary depending on the age of the children and the everyday experiences of the parents.


All enrolled students in the Parent Education Program automatically become a part of the Glendale College Parent Education Association. The GCPEA is part of the Glendale College Foundation, Inc, a non-profit organization. In addition to facilitating communication between the classes through class representatives and class reporters, the Association arranges informative speakers and sponsors various activities throughout the year. All of the events and behind‐the‐scenes work is guided by a group of volunteer known as the GCPEA Executive Committee. In addition, the Parent Education Director serves as an advisor to the Executive Committee and is the official spokesperson for the Glendale College on all matters of program policy.


The mission of the Association is to raise money for needed program operation costs and to provide educational and social events outside the classroom.


Parent Education is a “tuition free” program, although it’s not free to run. Glendale College pays for the facility, teachers, assistants, and provides a small budget for office supplies, paint and construction paper. The Association greatly depends on the contributions of others (businesses and individuals) to maintain its success. The money raised by the Association provides for all other operational costs. Funds provide much-needed teaching tools, classroom enhancements and site upgrades including items you will use on a weekly basis. Association purchases include: children’s cups and napkins used during snack time, glue, crayons, children books, toys, trikes, musical equipment, tables, chairs, storage sheds and much more. Fundraising for the year not only benefits current students but future students as well.

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