Barbara Flynn


Barbara is happy to be a part of the Glendale Community College (GCC) Parent Education Program. She has been working with children and families for many years. In high school, she worked as a Red Cross swimming instructor and lifeguard, and opened her own swim school while in College. Barbara taught at a private school for six years; returned to graduate school and received her Master’s Degree in Family Counseling; spent two extra years and 3,000 hours to earn her Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) license; and had a private counseling practice. She keeps her psychotherapy license and training current, but due to her full dedication to this program she is currently not seeing clients in private practice.

Barbara has been teaching Parent Education classes for 20 years. The first 7 years were for a K-12 district's Adult School where she was given the opportunity to develop a new program where she taught classes and managed the program details. She worked part-time teaching and running the program, and full-time as a mom. When Barbara was offered a full-time position at GCC, she knew it was the move to make because of her passion for this work.

Barbara believes these types of parenting programs are unique as they give parents a wonderful opportunity to spend imperative time with their children while learning. She believes parent education programs offer opportunities to: learn about their children and about themselves as a parent- looking at their own parenting strengths and

Barbara has two daughters who are both thriving, wonderful, kind people. She is most proud of the gracious young women they are becoming.

Barbara’s hope as the Coordinator and the Director of the GCC Parent Ed program- is for parents to receive: support, encouragement, and parenting information in a safe, nonthreatening and supportive environment. It is her hope that parents have an opportunity to play with, enjoy, and observe their child through understanding eyes. Barbara’s goals are to: inspire students to be wonderful parents, to support their parenting efforts, to empower them so they know they are wonderful, and to remind them as parents they will always be learning. She guides parents to develop their “Parenting Lighthouse”- a powerful parenting strategy, and encourages parents to "enjoy the ride" with their young children- “It goes by so quickly!

Amity Grimes

Amity Grimes holds a BS in Nursing from Georgetown University and a MA in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College, specializing in Educational Leadership and Parent and Community Work.

Amity first came to the Parent Ed Program as a student in 1990- when her eldest daughter was only 10 weeks old. Amity began teaching in the program in 1994 and had the privilege of being the Program Director for seven years from 2000-07. In addition to teaching in the Parent Education Program, Amity has taught Nutrition and Psychology through Glendale Community College’s (GCC) Lifelong Learning Program.

When Amity is not at GCC, she works as a School Nurse Consultant for Mayfield Junior School in Pasadena, and as a Clinic Nurse for Bowtie Allergy Specialists in San Marino, and is a Community Emergency Response Team volunteer.

Amity has been teaching Parent Ed at GCC for over 25 years, and she looks forward to meeting the next generation of parents and children!

Caryn Panec

After attending the Parent Education program with her children, Caryn began teaching parent education classes for GCC in January of 2000. It has been a pleasure for her to work with so many wonderful families, and to bring her background in Education and MA in Family & Consumer Sciences into classroom discussions. Her favorite aspect of the parent education program is how well everyone learns from one another and the supportive network that dynamic creates. In addition to parent education, Caryn is also an instructor at GCC’s Student Success Center.

Caryn enjoys yoga, running, reading, cooking, hiking and camping with her husband and teenage boys.

Jane Stockly

Jane has almost 40 years of professional experience working with families and young children in varying capacities. She is originally from the UK where she trained as a NNEB Nursery Nurse. Jane worked as a nursery nurse on the maternity ward at St. Thomas' Hospital, in London. She also was a private nanny providing long-term, live-in supervision of infants, toddlers and young children, as well as some short-term emergency assistance.

After marrying an American and moving to the Glendale area; Jane worked as a preschool teacher, as an in-home childcare provider and as an after-school childcare provider. She went back to college and earned an AS in Social Science from Glendale College; a BA in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College; and a MS in Family and Consumers Science from Cal State University Northridge, where her focus was family studies and parent education.

Jane became interested in supporting parents as a young mom with two daughters while attending parent education classes at Glendale College. She was hired as a teacher’s assistant in the Parent Education department before finishing her BA, and has been teaching classes since 2002. Jane also concurrently teaches Parent Education at Pasadena City College.

While working on her masters, Jane researched and wrote a brief and easy-to-read parenting book, “Better Baby Sleep: A Handbook for Parents." Since that time, she has written an even shorter version, “7 Steps to Better Baby Sleep.”

Sarah Atin

This Fall Sarah will be starting her ninth-year teaching Parent Education at Glendale Community College (GCC). With her Master’s in Education, Sarah has worked for many years as a school counselor and parent educator in Washington State. In addition to GCC, Sarah currently teaches five-year-old students at a local preschool.

Pulling from her background in both psychology and education, she works with parents and children in a positive way and is passionate about preserving the childhood of these children. Sarah has taught several of the multi-age classes at GCC- her standard is to emphasize play as a fundamental ingredient to social development. One thing Sarah loves most about teaching is the children, “I find I am always learning from them!”

Sarah is a proud mother of her two teenage children: her son- seventeen and daughter- thirteen.

Valerie Fredrickson

Valerie has been part of the Glendale College Parent Education program for many years- first as a participant with her sons and now as a teacher. Valerie loves teaching and working with children; she credits the parent education program with actually changing the course of her life. She is a great supporter of parent education, believing that as parents, “they must never stop learning and striving to be better!”

Valerie has worked in various capacities with families with children of all ages in areas including social work and education. She earned a Master’s degree from CSUN with a concentration in family studies and has continued her education in Child Development. Valerie also teaches as an adjunct faculty in the Los Angeles Community College District- teaching Marriage and Family Life.

“Rug time” for Valerie has tremendous rewards. She describes this time as her opportunity to get down on the floor with the children, helping them to establish a positive relationship with her as a teacher, which she hopes will set the tone for her students to have positive student-teacher interactions that carry on throughout their educational futures. Valerie loves the goal of parent education to improve and enhance family life and admires all parents who participate. She looks forward to meeting parents and children, and hopes she has the opportunity to share her parent education experiences for many years to come.

Roza Baghdassarian

Roza has more than 18 years of professional experience working with families and young children. She holds a BA in Human Development with a specialization in Early Childhood Education, and a MA in Human Development specializing in Lactation Consulting both from Pacific Oaks College. She is deeply passionate about supporting families both as a parenting educator and as an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in private practice.

Roza first started attending the Glendale Community College Parent Education program as a new mother in 2010 with her eldest daughter, and again in 2017 with her youngest daughter. Falling in love with the Parent Education program, she joined on as adjunct faculty and began teaching classes in 2019.

Roza’s message to parents has consistently been: "You are not alone in this parenting journey. We are here to support you, to learn and grow together as a group. Amazing lifelong friendships can begin in these classes!”