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Board Members

Marina Nicolas


My name is Marina Nicolas. I’m a mother of two. Before becoming a mom I worked in fashion merchandising for almost ten years. One of my favorite things to do is cook which is now a passion and hobby I enjoy with my children. After having my daughter at the beginning of the pandemic I was very glad to find a program like GCPEA, my kids love it and it’s also been a great tool for myself.

Vice President


Events Co-Chair


Arineh Ebrahimi

PEPOR Editor

Arineh joined the GCPEA Board as PEPOR Editor in the 2018-19 academic year and currently holds the position.

She joined the Glendale College Parent Education Program in 2017 as a first-time mom with her then one-month-old daughter. Prior to having their daughter, Arineh and her husband Arabo, did extensive research on various mental health resource websites about healthy parenting practices. It was in this research effort that they found the GCPEA program.

Arineh believes in today’s world, parenting is more than pulling from one’s parents life experiences. She believes to raise a healthy and happy child; one must also learn from peers and teachers specialized in early childhood development and it is here at Glendale College Parent Education program that she has found that community. Arineh hopes by taking part in this community dynamic, her child will be a physically, mentally, and socially strong member of our community as well as those communities in her future endeavors. She is grateful for the GCPEA program and has seen the benefits this program has had on her daughter’s behavior, socialization capabilities and over-all academic skill. Arineh never misses the opportunity to encourage all parents with children 0 to five years to attend this Parent Ed program. Joining the GCPEA board as the PEPOR editor felt like the next step in promoting this program and its far-reaching benefits to the community.

Arineh holds a BA in Business Administration. She worked for 10 years as the executive assistant to the owner of one of Iran’s largest companies, Hacoupian Clothing Industries. While working, she volunteered as a teacher in a child development program offered through the Church of Iran studying Human Behavior with a focus on Mental Health. Arineh was also a dedicated singer in their church choir group. Given her history with mental health, Arineh began working for the Department of Mental Health of LA County when she moved to the Glendale area.

Professional photography has always been a passion for Arineh- a passion that started when she was a teenager. Amongst her editorial duties on the GCPEA board, she has volunteered to photograph the GCPEA events.



IT Manager

Aline joined the Glendale Community College Parent Education program in 2014 with her oldest child. She found the classes and instructors to be such wonderful resources. She has been in the program since her first child and now continues with her third.

She decided to give back to the program and the GCPEA community by joining the board as the IT Manager.

Aline has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business with options in Finance and Information Systems from Cal State Northridge. She worked in governmental accounting for 10 years.

In her spare time she enjoys going to the beach, watching movies and spending time with her husband and three kids.

Christine Natividad


Christine moved from the Philippines to California in 2009. She is currently the secretary for the GCPEA Board and has been attending the program since 2017.

Her eldest son had speech delay and was told by a Speech Therapist about the Parent Education offered through GCC for free. After a few months in the program her eldest started to improve in his speech.

She has been a registered nurse since 2009 and has significantly reduced work hours after the birth of her 3rd child to focus on parenting. She now busies herself with concocting recipes that her children will hopefully eat, being a referee with sibling rivalry, housekeeping, and reading up on how to be a better parent. On rare occasions she enjoys DIY, crocheting and gardening.

GCC Parent Education has given so much tools and wisdom on how to parent, it has also been an avenue to meet parents who are in the same boat and share insights with each other. Christine hopes that others will also discover this treasured program. She is forever grateful that through these classes her eldest was able to overcome his speech delay.

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