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Board Members

Any Moskovian


Any joined the Glendale Community College Parent Education program in 2023 with her 2-year-old daughter and her then-2-month-old son. She was surprised to find such a wonderful, positive parenting community with great support. She was even more surprised to learn that these classes were free. Any loves how the instructors teach science-based positive parenting techniques, and she utilizes what she learns in class to build a strong foundation for a healthy relationship with her babies. She is impressed by how much both her children have already grown by attending the classes.

Any values the program so much that she volunteered to join the Board with the hope to help it reach its full potential. Any also works full time as an attorney, but being a mom to her two precious babies is her favorite title and greatest accomplishment. During her spare time—if that’s even a thing with two babies who are 2 and under—Any and her husband love to take their babies to the zoo.

Kristine Franco

Vice President

Hi- I’m Luka and Rosie’s mom. Before becoming a mom I worked as a high school counselor where I had hundreds of students and families to care for. I loved it and although it was difficult at times, I can honestly say that being a stay at
home is the hardest job I’ve ever had. GCPEA was recommended to me by my sister who used the program with her two kids some 15 years ago! I’m so glad it continues to exist today. I don’t know who looks forward to Mrs. Karen’s class more- me or my daughter, Rosie.

Anita Shahnazarian


Anita attended the GCPEA program from 2016-2019 with her first daughter and found the program to be absolutely amazing. She is thrilled to return with her second daughter and has joined the board to be more involved and give back to the program. Anita's passions include fitness and nutrition and she practices as a registered dietitan.

Events Co-Chair

Talina Minasian


Talina joined the Glendale Community College Parent Education
program in 2022, alongside her son, and considers herself fortunate to
have discovered such a transformative parenting resource.
Within this program, she has forged meaningful relationships with
instructors and fellow parents, relationships she holds dear.
Motherhood remains the most cherished experience of her life.

As an occupational therapist, Talina is passionate about assisting families in achieving their goals.
A significant part of her career revolves around nurturing emotional intelligence, recognizing its
crucial role in both children and adults. She firmly believes that providing parents with a reliable
and consistent platform for learning and seeking guidance could alleviate many parenting
challenges, and she sees the Glendale Community College Parent Education program (GCPEA)
as the perfect solution.

Talina is consistently amazed by the program's offerings and enthusiastically recommends it to
every parent she encounters. She is deeply grateful for the opportunity to support and witness the
continued growth of GCPEA, which serves as a vital resource for parents on their unique journeys.

Arineh Ebrahimi

PEPOR Editor

Arineh joined the GCPEA Board as PEPOR Editor in the 2018-19 academic year and currently holds the position.

She joined the Glendale College Parent Education Program in 2017 as a first-time mom with her then one-month-old daughter. Prior to having their daughter, Arineh and her husband Arabo, did extensive research on various mental health resource websites about healthy parenting practices. It was in this research effort that they found the GCPEA program.

Arineh believes in today’s world, parenting is more than pulling from one’s parents life experiences. She believes to raise a healthy and happy child; one must also learn from peers and teachers specialized in early childhood development and it is here at Glendale College Parent Education program that she has found that community. Arineh hopes by taking part in this community dynamic, her child will be a physically, mentally, and socially strong member of our community as well as those communities in her future endeavors. She is grateful for the GCPEA program and has seen the benefits this program has had on her daughter’s behavior, socialization capabilities and over-all academic skill. Arineh never misses the opportunity to encourage all parents with children 0 to five years to attend this Parent Ed program. Joining the GCPEA board as the PEPOR editor felt like the next step in promoting this program and its far-reaching benefits to the community.

Arineh holds a BA in Business Administration. She worked for 10 years as the executive assistant to the owner of one of Iran’s largest companies, Hacoupian Clothing Industries. While working, she volunteered as a teacher in a child development program offered through the Church of Iran studying Human Behavior with a focus on Mental Health. Arineh was also a dedicated singer in their church choir group. Given her history with mental health, Arineh began working for the Department of Mental Health of LA County when she moved to the Glendale area.

Professional photography has always been a passion for Arineh- a passion that started when she was a teenager. Amongst her editorial duties on the GCPEA board, she has volunteered to photograph the GCPEA events.

Anastasia Kiok


Anastasia began attending parenting classes with her 1.5-year-old daughter, Sasha, at Glendale City College in the summer of 2023, following her family's move from Pasadena to Glendale. Anastasia firmly believes that these classes are highly beneficial for enhancing children's communication skills and socialization before they enter childcare or preschool programs. Additionally, it provides an excellent opportunity for mothers who are caring for their children to break away from the home environment and enjoy a pleasant public setting.

Anastasia works as a marketing manager, specializing in providing marketing services to small businesses to help them achieve growth and success. In her role as a communication/marketing manager at GCPEA, she plays a pivotal role in attracting and engaging more parents and children through social media in the valuable parenting classes offered at the institution.

Chelsea Brandt


A native of LA, Chelsea is elated to have stumbled upon the supportive and
insightful community of teachers and parents within GCPEA. The unique
blend of knowledge and camaraderie truly stands out. She and her son
express deep gratitude for uncovering this treasure and only wish they had
done so earlier.

With a lifelong journey in acting and performing, Chelsea has traversed cruise ships and regional
theaters. Since her return to LA, she has found her theatrical haven as a member of the New
American Theatre, where she met her husband and currently serves as the Benefit Coordinator.
Chelsea's knack for finding enjoyable ways to uplift community programs is well-established. She
considers it a privilege to contribute to a program as pivotal for our future as GCPEA.

Aline Miskjian

IT Manager

In 2014, Aline Miskjian became a part of the Glendale
Community College Parent Education program when she
enrolled her oldest child. The classes and instructors proved
invaluable resources. Since her first child, she's remained
committed to the program and is currently continuing the journey
with her third child.

Motivated by a desire to give back to both the program and the GCPEA community, Aline took on
the role of IT Manager on the board. Her academic background includes a Bachelor's of Science
degree in Business with options in Finance and Information Systems from Cal State Northridge.
She accrued 10 years of experience in governmental accounting.
In her leisure moments, Aline indulges in beach outings, movie watching, and quality time with her
husband and three children.

Emily Claeys


Originally from the Midwest, Emily is a mom to one. She began attending Parent Education classes at Glendale College after learning about it from the best kind of influencer: a fellow mom, IRL. There are many sources of information out there these days, but fewer resources. Emily was so glad to find this wonderful program and community just as her baby was entering toddlerhood.
When not secretarying, she can be found absorbing Southern California's eclectic architecture, sneaking in a few pages of a book, or finding new flavor profiles to introduce to the little one.

Annie Aivazian


Annie Aivazian is a mom of a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. She joined the GCPEA
with her son in 2020 and now attends classes with her daughter. Throughout this program, she
has been able to meet some incredible parents who she feels will become lifelong friends. In addition, seeing her child socialize with other children and thrive in such a welcoming
environment has been a memorable experience. The content discussed in class is always interesting, and it is nice to have open discussion about relatable topics with other parents in a
safe environment.
Annie started as a student at Glendale Community College in 2006 and has since
earned her master’s degree as a family nurse practitioner. She currently works as a maternal-newborn nurse, teaches baby hands-on care classes at her hospital, and has specialty certification as a lactation education counselor. She spends most of her free time going to the
park or on walks with her husband, kids and dog.

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